Manufactured & Assembled in the USA

Grow bags transformed our trees,
Bag Badger transformed our business.

Revolutionizing large auger and bag planting, the BagBadger streamlines the dig and plant process by eliminated the need for exhaustive multi-man manual labor operations and contains removed soil to be easily refilled for quicker digging and planting times.

Simple 4 step planting:

Step 1

The hydraulic auger digs a hole to the set depth.

  • Operated by as little as two workers

Step 2

As the auger rises and spins, soil is caught within the fabric ring.

  • Fully contains the soil

Step 3

A mesh grow bag or a tree sapling is placed into the new hole.

  • Sized for quick grow bag placement

Step 4

The large outer ring lifts and the fabric funnels the dirt down, refilling the hole with the extracted soil.

  • Total planting process takes 45 seconds

Is the BagBadger right for me?



Pays for itself after planting 4100 bags.

The calculator above assumes 8 hours work days and the table below assumes a worker hourly wage of $18 per hour. (M)Method, (CPB)Cost per Bag, (PT)Plant time, (W)Workers.

T $5.78 2.75 min 7
BB $0.38 0.75 min 2


Bibb Beale, Texas Natural Growers

“Before we made the BagBadger, our entire crew was working on digging holes and getting bags in the ground. Now the rest of the nursery is functioning during dig times and we have other guys doing other important tasks around the nursery.”