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In the fall of 2005, a problem arose as we struggled to plant grow bags for our family operated nursery in La Feria TX. The bags had all the benefits we had been wanting: water savings, ease of use, better growth conditions. Yet the time, energy, manpower, and cost of planting the bags nearly outweighed the benefits, costing our operation thousands of dollars and days of precious planting time. At the end of the fall season, we decided that a change was needed. There had to be a better way to better utilize grow bag technology in a way that was both time and cost efficient. Thus came the Bag Badger.

Over the course of the next several seasons we developed a number of different variations of this planter. By 2007 we had a fully operational, semi automated, hydraulic, bag planting machine that utilized grow bag technology while saving enormous time and energy. After testing, improving, and using the machine in our operation for several growing seasons, we realized just how beneficial this tool could be to nurseries across the world. In January of 2010 we began the journey of taking our barn built bag planting machine to market, a journey to improve grow bag planting techniques and increase profits for growers.

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